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Lipterin, which means "dewdrop" in Elvish language - is our adorable child, created just for you if you like vegetarian and vegan food. And also if you love nature and take care of it!

Our restaurant is quiet and cozy place where you can always come to relax and take a break from the bustle, to enjoy delicious food, to read and to dream... And in the evenings you are welcome to a variety of activities to suit all tastes.

Our mission

We work to present for vegans and vegetarians a place to eat tasty and different food as well as lots of yummy's which you can't find anywhere alse.

We value nature and work in a most enviramental friendly way.

We use just lacto-vegetarian and vegan goods.

We are trying to use as much Organic and Fair Trade as it is possible.

How our restaurant is ecological friendly?

1. Saying NO to disposable!

You can hardly find in our place something disposable. Even our table napkins are made from cloth. Many people thinks that disposable things are OK if they have been made from some renewable materials like paper. But we have a different opinion.

For the same reason we are trying to buy only non-packed goods and useing cloth bags.

2. Vegetarian food - is eco-friendly food!

Did you know that the meat industry is responsible for 18% of all global greenhouse gas emissions? Turning on veganism you help stop global climate change!

3. We use enviromental friendly detergents!

We always choose plantbased and biodegradable detergents, such as Ecover, Ole Hyvä, Sonett.

4. We are trying to reduce biowaste amount.

And this would be impossible withowt your help! Thanks for "biteing only just what you can chew" :)

Besides we are trying to build our menu wisely, for all food to be cooked an eated in time.

5. We are peeling and cooking by ourselves as much as possible.


We always try to avoid packed ready or peeled goods. So we are makeing less packaging waste, saveing energy and resources.  And at the same time we are reduceing biowaste amount as well, becouse ready food spoilsfaster.

6. Buying second hand things!

Some furniture, devices and other things have been bought from second hand stores and have got a second chance (new life)!

7. Fair Trade and Organic!

We are trying to buy as much Fair Trade and Organic goods as it is possible. We are allways looking for local organic farmers to buy their production.

8. Less paper!

You have probably already noticed that our buisnes cards are made from recycled paper. Besides we have sustainable cloth napkins scroll-towels in toilet instead of paper towels.


9. Are we recycleing?

Of cource we are! It is so natural for us that almost forgot to mention! Certainly we are separating garbage and also trying to reduce unrecycleble part.

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